I’m Local

2020 certainly has not been true to adverting, but after 18 years in the New Zealand rental car market, the last 9 of these being recognised at the top of the rankings, ANZED Rentals will continue to provide the person service we are famous for.  It is my privilege to work in the rental car industry in New Zealand.  I don’t say this flippantly or take the role lightly, as a rental company operator who works on the front line I know I often have the responsibility of being the first Kiwi visitors meet, once they arrive in our lovely country, their experience starts here.

This understanding is what drives my business, it informs the decisions I make, my emphasis on personal service, and filling the large well-stocked storeroom, full of everyday items we take for granted but don’t take with us when we hop on a plane. (Check our Camping gear page for an indication of what we offer, mostly for free.. ) https://anzed.co.nz/anzed-camping-gear/

Being a Southerner I was brought up extending hospitality, it is in my DNA, it is one of the things we are famous for.  It will be my delight to share the South Island with you, give you the inside info on where to get a good Pie on the road, who gives good ice creams, what my favourite places are and where to find the best roads.

I have enjoyed meeting many many visitors to our shores, but I also provide down to earth, friendly, personal service at a great price for locals too, with many regular customers coming and going, getting great deals, and being picked up at the Airport door before heading off to tend to crops, run conferences & focus groups, spend precious time with family or just escape to the unspoiled South Island, skiing, fishing, tramping, Climbing, cycling, whatever their thing is. Then returning for a hassle-free drop-off, no queues, not waiting while the elite customers take precedence, just first-class service for all.

So whether you are looking for a cost-effective rental car option for yourself or staff get in touch, you won’t be disappointed.  My fleet of very reliable, well maintained, late model, attractive cars will meet and even exceed your needs, at a price that will allow you to add your own extras.