All vehicles come with Comprehensive insurance, covering the hirer against liability for damage to the vehicle, and to third party property.  Our insurance comes with a low $2500+gst excess, which helps make the driving experience that little more comfortable.

One of the most requested options we offer is the excess reduction cover which reduces the Excess (Deductible) to just $200+gst, and is offered at just $10 per day. Now that is peace of mind. (Additional Excess applies for under 25 drivers.  If a claim is made for an incident where there is no other driver involved, e.g. hitting a tree, the excess is slightly higher at $500+gst.).

Another popular option is our Glass cover, offered at $5 per day, this gives confidence with cover for all glass on the vehicle, and comes with no excess.

Both the options above can be combined for a total of just $12 per day.

See Terms and Conditions (Linked in the banner at the bottom of the page) for further details.