Whether you are in it for the adventure or just wanting to escape, our 4×4 SUVs are a great option, self drive away from it all.  With options of Roof racks, Ski / Snowboard Racks, Roof Boxes and Bike racks these are the do anything vehicle.

Very popular with the fishermen, they offer plenty of space for 5 Adults and a good load capacity to carry your supplies.  Team it up with a complementary Chilly Bin, (Cooler Box) for the Supplies to stay cool and you are set.  Add in a couple of Folding chairs, (free) or option a tent and camping gear, (Nominal charge) what more could you ask for??  Actually do you have anything else you may want? Just Ask.

ANZED isn’t your usual rental car company.  Our priority is for you to enjoy your visit, if there is anything we can do to help it be that little better let us know, we know you don’t want to lug all that extra gear all over the world, we have a great selection of extras, but as you are dealing with a real people, locals, we may have something that will make all the difference for you, so just ask and we will see what we can do to meet your needs and help make this the best trip ever.